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Singing with My Heart and Soul
Whenever she sings, Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones makes a big splash.  “Effervescent” and “multi-talented” are just two of the adjectives used to describe this popular jazz and spiritual song stylist who sings from her heart and soul.  Jones is personally and professionally committed to be recognized as a polished, class act.  Both her voice and repertoire demonstrate a level of musical sophistication that fit the unforgettable acronym she created for her middle name, a word that defines her Class, Polish, and Sophisticated Soul.   large product photo
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Century City Plaza Hotel    
The Napa Valley Grill, Westwood
Hamilton’s Wine Bar, Beverly Hills                
KLON Jazz Caravans, L.A.
The Brassiere De Artiste                
Sherman Clay Recital Hall, Los Angeles
Tom Rolla’s Gardenia, Hollywood            
Bob Burns Restaurant, Santa Monica
Billy Higgins’ World Stage, Los Angeles            
Wilshire Country Club, Los Angeles
San Gennaro Cafe & Lounge, Culver City            
Leimert Park Fine Art Gallery, L.A.
Green Tree Retirement Ctr., Rialto            
The City Club on Bunker Hill, L.A.
Wyndham Bel Age Hotel                
Thai Bistro, Los Angeles
Community Build, Los Angeles                
Henderson’s Coffee House, Redondo Beach.
L.A. Co. Museum of Art Bing Theater         
IMA Street Festival, L.A.
Harold & Bells, Los Angeles                
The Comedy Store, Hollywood
CEBU Restaurant, L.A.                
Frank’s, Hollywood
Annunciation Catholic Church, Arcadia     
Good Shepherd Manor, L.A.
Malcolm X Festivals, L.A.                
Crenshaw Café, L.A.
Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino
Padrini’s Music Store, Alhambra

Jones is eclectic.  She performs solo concerts, both secular and religious, and sings at numerous public venues and private events and occasionally does studio work as well.  She was a favorite guest vocalist at Bob Burns Restaurant in Santa Monica for several years, performing weekly until its closure in 2001.  In 2002, she made a major decision to concentrate on solo performing and recording.

Joining a local jazz vocal and theatre workshop in 1992 exposed Jones to jazz.  After a few months, she stepped up to lead the warm-up and vocalizing exercises at the beginning of each class and then later added the job of assistant and substitute workshop instructor.  From there she studied with a number of vocal coaches, including Dini Clark, but, primarily, Howlett Smith.  She was a featured soloist in Smith’s “Harmony Choir” and performed in a number of his ongoing Cantatas.  Jones has also performed with several other groups, including the dynamic Spiritual Roots Quartet, as part of a trio of background vocalists, and as one of the “Women in Jazz” vocalists.

Jones was born to sing.  Luckily her voice made the cut, because she comes from a large family where singing is a family affair.  In her teens, she sang with the Bellaires, a local seven-piece band in the San Gabriel Valley area.  As an adult, she continued her love affair with music, performing with “SING,” an ensemble that specializes in eight-part a cappella harmony and includes anthems, spirituals, Gospels, show tunes, easy-listening, jazz and pop in its repertoire.  With music rocking her soul, Jones was not content being just a singer.  She tuned her talent to song writing, crafting many songs, including “Rock-a-by Lullaby,” “Forever Love,” and “The Silence Is Too Loud.” The more than two dozen other songs she has composed include spirituals, Gospels, contemporary, and children’s tunes.  Her mother was the inspiration behind her latest one, “That’s a Mother’s Love.”

One true thing about Jones is that her soulful voice makes people stop what they’re doing and listen to her sounds of music.  And they only have to hear her once to jump on her bandwagon.
“When creativity and compassion meet, wonderful things can happen.  And Eleanor Jones, a singer and CEO of C-Pass Entertainment {Enterprises}, Inc., is one class act.”
Veronica Mackey, Inglewood Today and Crenshaw Today Magazines
“Please accept my deep appreciation for your beautiful performance . . . .  the event was successful in many ways and you were a part of that.”    
Sister Rochelle, Holy Spirit Retreat Center
“Your selections were both fitting and moving—as evidenced by the “Amen’s.”
(Audrey Dennis)
“Thank you so much for making February 7 a perfect day.   I truly appreciated your gift of song. . . .”  (Florence Smith)
 [Re performance at the St. Vincent Medical Center Physicians Annual Staff Dinner and Awards Ceremony held at the Wilshire Country Club] “The compliments continue to be received in the medical staff office.”  “Other comments included a sincere appreciation for the strength and clarity of your voice, and finally, for the privilege of watching such a classy act.”  (Wanda Ivy, Division Director, Quality Mgmt)

 To listen to Eleanor is like listening to an angel. Every time I am privileged to hear her, I am transformed. Please, do yourself the favor and get in front of her.

Rosemarie Essl, Rosemarie International

I have had the privilege of hearing Eleanor Jones perform on several occasions. In each case, the poise and feeling she injects into her performance combined with her soothing voice have made her a joy to hear and see every time.
David Workman

Eleanor’s voice always brings tears of joy!
Hope Pliskow

Eleanor's singing is of a quality and sort we seldom hear anymore in today's rushed and mass-produced times. Her songs are an authentic and soulful blend of jazz, gospel, and R&B. Her singing comes directly from her heart to you. I strongly recommend Eleanor for any event where elegance and grace are your aim.
Foster Ryan

I really loved the concert, and the songs you sang just hit all the right notes and nerves...bless you!
Pat Morrison

Your voice is like velvet. It’s so unique and beautiful. If there were any justice, you’d be at the top of the charts!
Kendra Davis

Eleanor’s voice is like that of a canary, very pleasant and sweet, gentle and compassionate. I always receive wonderful comments about her and her singing. She is loved by so many.
Eva Overturf

Your professionalism is top notch consistently. Each time that I have heard your singing, I have come away with a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism. It is no wonder that your audience members consistently rave about your performances.
Stuart Garrison



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THE BOTTOM LINE  - Herb Holland, Producer - Crenshaw Theater
AESOP’S FABLES - Bobbee Zeno, Producer - William Grant Still
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