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“Jones is equally at her best in the singing of spirituals, gospel and jazz, which she sings with great skill and understanding.  She possesses a fine temperate manner on stage, and as her program progressed, it gained in intensity and spirit.  Her audience was enthralled, and they gave her thunderous applause throughout the evening.”
Frank Milton McCoy, Ph.D.
Sentinel Music Critic
“Every person . . . went on and on about what an incredible voice you have and what an amazing performer you are. . . everyone was touched
by you.  You touched us all “where we live.”
Kendra Davis



I am Eleanor “C-PASS” Jones, and singing is both my love and my life.  Not surprisingly, the first question I’m usually asked is, “What does ‘C-PASS’ mean?”  C-PASS is an acronym I developed to always remind me of the standards I have set for myself and that I strive to achieve in every performance.  I endeavor to deliver a class act that is polished, reflecting sophistication in both the complexity and technicality of my selections, and to deliver them with passion emanating from the depths of my soul.  Thus: Class, Polish, And Sophisticated Soul.

I love singing!  Singing is the way I communicate best.  It is an outward expression of much of my emotion, inner thought, and feeling.  I allow myself to become vulnerable to my audience through singing.  This, to me, is true giving to others.  Because I sing from my heart, I show my audience my true self.  What you see and hear is me.  I not only entertain; I give my listeners access to my soul.  I use my voice to touch people personally and emotionally.

I’m a performer without attitude.  Not glitzy, theatrical or motivated to achieve super stardom.  I don’t use gimmicky, try to copy or imitate anyone else, or pretend to be someone I am not. I am genuine and sing for the purpose of enhancing other people’s lives. Thus, my own life is enhanced as well.

I feel privileged to have been blessed with the gift of music.  I credit God with giving me a voice that can evoke a range of emotions and a sensitivity to write songs that touch people’s hearts.  To see evidence of successful communication on the faces in my audience is my pure joy

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